Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Action-AutoRepair .com Domain web site FOR SALE

We are the owners of this Domain name web site, as the prior users have declined to purchase it outright.
We also have marketed this site for many years without payment so now we are selling it.

 ACTION AUTO REPAIR http://www.action-autorepair.com/

This Web Site Domain name is For Sale owned by Frank D.

As of May 15 2012 it will have 9 years SEO and Search Engine inclusion and marketing. It was marketing a Automotive Repair business in Phoenix Arizona whom declined to purchase it outright. The end date for their purchase was February 12 2011. We kept the web site hosting, SEO, the Domain name renewal fee's and marketing advertising their business for all of 2011 at zero cost to them. Official date and time we are removing their business is 01-22-2012 11 PM AZ time.

To keep traffic to this Domain name until sold we are continuing to host and market it and as a courtesy we are leaving up the blog we made to market the previous company.

WE are in the business of marketing and advertising our own and other companies.

With a web site Domain name that has 9 years of existence and marketing this is an Ideal name to start a new or existing Automotive company utilizing this domain.

Once Purchased we will transfer ownership to your account and will continue to market the Domain name for 90 days Free after which you can continue to do so. NEED a web site , then you can use the previous one while you have a new one built. We can ad all the new info you need to change. Below is a Snap Shot of the web site which you can utilize until you decide to change it or keep it.

Asking Price is $29,000.00  

ALL inquiries need to contact

Frank D.


623 332-7694

EMAIL : info@action-autorepair.com

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